Sunday, November 05, 2006

Community Art Project Unveiled

The Portland Public Art Committee officially unveiled a community art project - Art Underfoot in Portland - designed by students, citizens and even City Councilors, on Friday, November 3, in Longfellow Square at the corner of State and Congress Street.

The Portland Public Art Committee has a Community Art Works program which encourages collaborations between artists and community members to create permanent public art in the neighborhoods of Portland. City Councilor Jill Duson initiated a project while serving as Mayor. The Public Art Committee created the concept for the Art Underfoot in Portland which reflects what might be found on the ground in Portland, such as leaves, insects, shells, etc.

Artist Natasha Mayers worked with children at the Reiche School, teens in a hip-hop group at The Center for Cultural Exchange; members of the Portland Coalition and Amistad Center; staff and clients of Portland West; and even some City Council members. One hundred and twenty five clay tiles were cast in bronze by Patrick O’Brien who is a student at MECA, under the guidance of teacher Anthony Tafuri. In October 2006, the City’s Public Works Department installed the tiles permanently in Longfellow Square.


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