Sunday, August 26, 2007

Drug Robbery Suspect Arrested

Lee Allan McLaskey, 26, of Portland, was arrested and charged on August 14th with the July 11th robbery of a Rite Aid on Forest Avenue. During the investigation of that robbery, McLaskey had been developed as a suspect.

McLaskey was arrested and brought to the Cumberland County Jail. At that time police also recovered the weapon believed to have been used in the crime. The nature of the weapon has not been divulged. McLaskey is now out on bail.
-Marge Niblock

Residents Claim More Than $33G in Unclaimed Property

State Representatives from Portland have returned a grand total of $33,877 in unclaimed property to people in their districts.

Every year the State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division releases a list of unclaimed property being held by the Treasurer’s office for the rightful owners to claim. Typically these unclaimed assets are savings and checking accounts, contents of safe deposit boxes, life insurance policies, utility deposits and undistributed dividends.

Representatives obtained the list of constituents in their districts who were owed money from the state and began working to track them down. The rightful owners of the property are often hard to find because they no longer reside at the last known address provided to the state.

Parkside/Bayside Representative Herb Adams returned more than $15,800 to his constituents. West End Representative Jon Hinck returned $2,317, and Munjoy Hill Representative Anne Rand returned $3,174 to people in her district.

Last year the state received more than $25 million in unclaimed property, and only about $10.4 million was claimed – leaving more than half of the funds still waiting for Mainers to collect. The Treasurer will hold the funds, typically for three years. The 2007 Unclaimed Property list is available online at State Treasurer Dave Lemoine’s Web site. To check the list, visit


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