Thursday, August 09, 2007

Photo by Marge Niblock
Woody the Munjoy Woodchuck

Marie Galland one of many fabulous local artists at the annual St. Luke’s art show and sale… Former Portlander Ben Dinglassen has entered the Franciscan monastery in San Francisco…Too many stars to count at the latest unbelievable Saturday Show at the St. Lawrence… Well, OK, we’ll do it anyway – the hilarious Sheila Jackson, Liz the Dancing Clown, Bobby Lipps- the Extension Cord King of Munjoy Hill, Puppeteer Kerry Elson, the Over A Cardboard Sea Band Vaudeville Band, Mime Jeremiah McDonald, Actor Peter Paton and MC Ed ‘Chicken Lips’ King…West End gun aficionado says he could get a job in NYC shooting rats… Several cruise ship tourists walked down the runway and got right on the Congress Street bus to the Maine MallJoe from The Kopterz swapped their latest CD for the latest copy of the WEN (Good deal for us!)…City Councilor at the Festival of Nations in Deering Oaks collecting campaign signatures got an opponent’s campaign manager to sign her petition-but declined to return the favor…Couple of West End correspondents got thundersoaked covering that event… Portland street artist Jeanette Ross covering every event in the city this summer…Peaks Islander Obie O’Brien looking forward to the 1st Congressional District primary…Lots of going away parties planned for Isabelle Weyl’s departure to Boston at the end of the month… Two inches of rain reported in two hours on August 6th… Finch’s Restaurant’s Johnny Robinson (formerly of Hugo’s) seen strolling with his pooch on Morning Street… WEN Newsies looking to hit a home run at the annual WMPG Softball Tournament on August 11th… City Councilor accused of mumbling at recent committee meeting…
When we last left DeliveryMan and PaperBoy, they were sitting in the WestEndNewsMobile in a 15 Minute Parking Zone in front of the Fresh Approach Market on Brackett Street wondering why their trusty chariot wasn’t performing up to its usual standards. In fact, it wasn’t performing at all. It was just sitting there motionless waiting for the Parking Division to show up and start marking tires and writing tickets. PaperBoy, who’s no trained mechanic, thought the problem might be in the wheelbase, whereas DeliveryMan, who’s no mechanical genius either, was certain that it was the conveyor belt that was malfunctioning. Luckily, the guys from the Parking Division took pity on the boys, who were obviously helpless in this situation…

Correspondence From
Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso

From: MR LARRY KUMAR,The Manager, Audit/Account SectionAfrican Development BankOuagadougou Burkina-Faso.

Dear Comrade,

How are you today? Hope all is well. Please be informed that I have decided to contact you for a fund transfer transaction worth the sum of US$22,300,000.00 into your reliable bank account as the sole NEXT-OF-KIN to the foreign deceased customer of our bank (an International Billionaire French Businessman) who was killed with his entire family by PLANE-CRASH in Central England atmost 3 years ago. Since his death occured, no body have show up as his next of kin for the claim because the account is untraceable. Upon the investigation I carried out from his records, I found out that his foreign business consultant who would have trace the account died earlier before the deceased. Therefore, this is a confidential and sealed deal…


Blogger M. Lennon said...

A dear friend of the art and music community, Melynda Amann has very recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Melynda is a music booking agent in Portland and also the lead singer in a local band called By Blood Alone. There will be a benefit for her at Geno's on Congress Street on Wednesday, August 29th at 9pm. There is a $6.00 cover with all proceeds being donated directly for her care. Local bands featuring Twisted Roots, Balls Deep and Hiss and Chambers will be playing. There will also be a silent auction featuring work of local artists and belly dancing in between bands. Donations of artwork are being accepted through 6pm, August 29th at Geno's. Is it possible to mention this? It would greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

21 August, 2007 09:40  

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