Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Devoted his life to equal rights and AIDS awareness; was active in Maine politics for over 40 years.

Robin D. Lambert, one of the leading figures in the state of Maine over the past three decades in the battle to win equal rights for gay, lesbian, and transgendered people, and an early proponent of AIDS awareness, died of an apparent heart attack on or about October 22nd. He was 56 years of age and suffered from AIDS.

Lambert was born in Houlton, Maine on July 28, 1950, the son of Don P. Lambert and Lucille (Delosier) Lambert. He graduated from Hall-Dale High School, and earned a degree in political science from the University of Maine at Orono in 1974, and was President of the Maine College Republicans.

He was an active Republican since about 1964, first working on Margaret Chase Smith's campaign. He served as a Legislative Aide at the State House for the Senate Republicans in the mid-1970's, and was good friends with Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

He worked on numerous political campaigns over the years, including presidential, gubernatorial, US Senate and US Congress contests, and Maine legislative races. He ran for the Maine State Senate twice, once in 1990 and most recently in 2002. He was a resident of Portland for the last 22 years. In his 2002 State Senate race, Lambert listed his priorities as:
-Increased state aid to K-12 education.
-Reduced health insurance cost, making health care affordable and accessible to more people.
-Support for equal rights for all Mainers.
-Support for small businesses by limiting tax and regulatory burdens.
-More affordable housing for all the people of Portland.

Lambert was one of the founders of the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Association (MLGPA) in 1983. The organization was founded to fight for civil rights and equal protection under the law for gay people, following the murder of a gay man, Charlie Howard. For many years he was the leading Republican publicly supporting LGBT civil rights, and was able to persuade many in his party to join him in pressing for equal rights for all. For many years he served on the MLGPA (now Equality Maine) Board and was twice recognized by them for his outstanding work for civil rights.

Robin Lambert was also an early advocate for addressing the complicated and important issues that surrounded the human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) as it began to impact Maine. As an openly gay man with many friends who were at risk for the infection, and also as a director of Human Resources at Konica, he recognized immediately the deadly potential of the virus to affect all Maine people.

He was a founding member of the AIDS project (TAP) in Portland, which was established in the early 80s to provide information and support to people who wanted to avoid becoming infected, and to those who feared that they might already be infected. TAP was one of the first community responses to HIV infection in Maine. Lambert was appointed to Governor McKernan's AIDS Advisory Committee in 1987, and served on the committee for a number of years.

Lambert was also a longtime board member and volunteer at the Peabody House, in Portland, an organization which gives comprehensive assistance to people living with HIV / AIDS.

Lambert was Vice President of Human Resources for Konica Quality Photo East, where he oversaw, wrote and administered employee personnel policies, until his retirement in 1996 due to illness.

He was active in many business and community organizations, including service as President of the Human Resources Association of the Maine Chamber and Business Alliance, and was also a member of the National Association of Manufacturers. He was co-owner of Natasha’s Restaurant in Portland from 1997 to 1999.

He is survived by his parents Don and Lucille Lambert of Farmingdale; brothers, Allen Lambert of Limestone, Jon Lambert of Farmingdale, Tim Lambert of Cross Lake; sister, Dawn Real and special nephew Tucker Real of Farmingdale; daughter Jodi Meader, her husband Lawrence Meader; and granddaughter Lillian Meader of Farmingdale; his recently discovered son, Lee Green Jr.; also, his former wife and good friend Joline Rees of Augusta; and his trusted dog friend Harley. His partner Harley Hamilton, as well as many dear and beloved friends, predeceased him.

Visiting hours will be on Thursday, Nov. 2, from 7-9 p.m., at Jones, Rich & Hutchins Funeral Home, 199 Woodford Street, Portland. A celebration of his life will be held on Friday morning, November 3rd.
In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to either:The Peabody House, 335 Valley St., Portland, Maine 04102, or Equality Maine, P. O. Box 1951, Portland, Maine 04104

Monday, October 30, 2006


Portland’s Parks and Recreation Director Denise Clavette stated earlier this month that the re-plastering of Reiche pool will be addressed in next year's operating budget. The work will include the setting of tiled lane lines, bringing depth markers up to code and repairing ladders. Clavette promised to "include these items in the next fiscal year budget to ensure that these will get done."

The West End Neighborhood Association applied to several foundations last year, seeking $15,000 - $20,000 for the needed work after having the pool professionally assessed. Feedback from some foundations indicated that these were regarded as maintenance issues. WENA members are pleased that the City has agreed to fund the repairs. Participants in the Community Design Workshop recently sponsored by WENA favored renovations that include an expanded aquatics program involving the existing pool.

News of planned repairs is especially welcome to neighborhood swimmers who are confined to a very limited schedule and who often hear rumors that the City would like to close the pool. Reiche pool is open to the public for adult lap swims 10-1/2 hours per week. Except for July and August, there are no open swims for children and families. Reiche offers no children's swim lessons. The pool is not open on weekends.

St. Lawrence Haunted House a ‘Howlin’ Success

To the Editor:

For those who missed it, the St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center had a howlin' Haunted Open House last Saturday, October 21st. This letter is to express thanks to all of those who helped put it together:

THANK YOU to Snell Family Farm for donating the pumpkins; The Blue Spoon and The Front Room for donating delicious baked goods; Peg Tierney for making a beautiful afghan to raffle off; Michael Lane Trautman, Zev Eisenberg, Catdancer and Isabelle Weyl for providing riveting entertainment; the press who helped advertise the event; Jean Leonard, Mary Dunkerly and Lee Parker who helped plan and execute the spookiness, Ed King for taking photos, Karen Ferrande for helping with graphic design, and all of the wonderful volunteers who helped transform the place into a Haunted House for the afternoon, and back into a theatre for the performance of Into the Woods that night!
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Liz McMahon
Theater Manager
St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center

Ethan Can’t Save the World By Himself

Dear Editor:

One of the things that matters most to me and my family is protecting Maine’s environment for the future. I believe all people have a right to clean air, healthy water, and a safe place to live. We’ve got to do everything we can today to protect our environment for tomorrow. That’s why I want to thank Senator Ethan Strimling for his advocacy on behalf of our environment.

This year Ethan made a real difference when he sponsored and passed incentives to develop wind power here in Maine. He also earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters for supporting environmental priorities like Land for Maine’s Future, the reduction of mercury in our air and water, and the encouragement of energy efficiency and conservation. Ethan Strimling also made a difference when it mattered with his strong support of the Redington Wind Farm Project.

The Redington Wind Farm would not only produce enough power for 44,000 Maine homes, it would also reduce emissions that cause global warming while preventing more than 800,000 pounds of pollution per day- that’s like taking 26,000 cars off the road!

I know these steps aren’t going to save the world alone, but they are an important start.

Ethan didn’t just talk about doing something, he actually did it. He is making a difference for me, and my children, where it matters most.

Erica VachonPortland resident

Sunday, October 29, 2006

East End Candidate’s Bike Vandalized

East End City Council candidate Kevin Donoghue has reported that his bicycle was vandalized after it broke down and he chained it to the fence of the Eastern Cemetery on Congress Street.

Donoghue said that the derailleur on the bike broke, disabling it at the foot on Munjoy Hill. He says he locked up the bike and walked up the hill to his house on North Street. When he returned two days later, both wheels had been removed as well as the bells on the bike, on which he says he plays a samba beat while riding around town. Donoghue said that the vandals left behind all the campaign material that was in the bike’s basket.

The bicycle, which is Donoghue's primary mode of transportation, normally has a trailer attached to it, with which he collects bottles to raise funds for the Bike Shop in Kennedy Park, but the trailer is being repaired. He reported that he did find a replacement bike several days after the incident.
Donoghue made no connection between the vandalization and the City Council race.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

No Early Victory Party Planned for Strimling Campaign
The re-election campaign of State Senator Ethan King Strimling has no plans to hold an early victory party, as it did when Strimling was re-elected in 2004. That year, Strimling held a victory party on October 15th, two weeks before his November 2nd re-election.

The party, which was held at Anthony’s Italian Kitchen on Middle Street in the Old Port, featured an appearance by Matt Servitto, an actor who plays the part of Agent Harris on HBO’s popular show The Sopranos. Servitto is a high school friend of Strimling’s who flew in from New York for the event.

A campaign announcement said that the victory party was being held early because everyone would be so busy on Election Night. It also said the event was a ‘Honeymoon Party’ celebrating Strimling’s wedding, which was held in September, 2004 in Italy. Strimling Campaign Director Corey Hascall called the event a GOTV (Get Out the Vote) event and a party for campaign workers.

This year, Strimling took a vacation in South America in early October.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Towing Ban on Munjoy Hill
The Bollard reported on October 20th that, except in emergency circumstances, wreckers can no longer tow vehicles on Munjoy Hill. Cars on the wrong side of the street during street-sweeping days are ticketed, but not towed. Towing will take place on the Hill during snow-removal parking bans this winter.

According to The Bollard (www.thebollard.com), Munjoy Hill City Councilor Will Gorham has kept the tow ban a secret, even from fellow City Councilors, because he didn't want people taking advantage of it by leaving their cars on the wrong side of the street. Vehicles are not towed from streets off the peninsula, according to Portland parking official John Peverada.

Gorham was criticized by his opponents in the upcoming City Council election for making the decision in secret, outside the normal process. He said that he pursued getting the towing ban enacted because of abuses by tow truck operators. It is not yet known if the towing ban on Munjoy Hill will have any affect on towing procedures in the West End or on other parts of the peninsula.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Press Herald Bashes Spring for Ad in Gay Newspaper

Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz criticized West End School Committee member Stephen Spring in the October 25th issue of the newspaper for a political ad that Spring ran in the latest issue of The Companion, the local gay newspaper.
The ad shows a picture of Spring with the caption ‘Gay, Green and Gorgeous.’ Spring said that the ad was intended for the gay community and was done in a spirit of fun.
State Representative Herb Adams, who is running for re-election in the Parkside/Bayside district, and who lost the School Committee seat to Spring in the election three years ago, was quoted as saying "You must consider the publication, the audience and the ego. One of them is huge."
Nemitz referred to the ad as “politicking with blinders on.” He quoted one parent who called the ad “inappropriate.” Nemitz also speculated on what impact, if any, the ad would have on Spring's re-election chances in what Nemitz referred to as “his left-leaning district.”

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

City Can’t Deny Ice House License

The State Attorney General's Office has told City officials that the Portland City Council did not have the authority to deny a license to The Ice House on York Street in the West End, because state officials had already renewed the bar’s license in June.

Members of the State’s Liquor Control Board were scheduled to hear an appeal at Portland City Hall on October 19th by owners of the Ice House. The Portland City Council had voted unanimously on August 21st (6-0, three Councilors absent) not to renew the liquor license of the local bar. Portland police recommended the license denial, despite praise they gave the bar earlier this summer.

Several neighbors spoke at the August 21st Council meeting, complaining about a number of issues. Owners of the bar say they are being penalized for their increased cooperation with the Portland Police Department. The Council cannot take action on the bar's license until it is up for its annual renewal in June, 2007.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Meiklejohn Launches Website

Ben Meiklejohn, Green Independent candidate for State Representative inHouse District 120, has launched an interactive website for residents ofthe district, which includes Munjoy Hill, the downtown, and part of Bayside, to comment and provide input. The website is www.benmeiklejohn.com.
A discussion board containsposition statements, goals and platform offered by Meiklejohn, and opportunities for anyone to post other relevant content.
There is also art, by Portland artists, of landscapes and views within the district, and links to Meiklejohn's blog, as well as a vision statement of the logo "future in the balance," and a map of the district.
The website will be promoted on all campaign literature and signs throughout the remaining weeks of the campaign to encourage citizen participation, according to Meiklejohn.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Drug Bust in Parkside
Portland police officers and agents from the Maine Drug Enforcement Administration arrested three New York City men on drug charges at 1:00 A.M on October 20, after police were called to 129 Grant Street for a report of a fight. Officers found three men and a woman inside the apartment, along with evidence of drug use.

Agents from MDEA responded and conducted a search of the apartment, where they seized 100 grams of crack cocaine, 3 grams of raw heroin, one handgun, scales and packaging material, and $5000 in cash. The drugs have a street value of about $20,000.00

Chris Brown, 27, Aiyub Saboor, 28, and Derick Walls, 28, are all charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Cocaine and Aggravated Forgery. All three men gave false names when arrested. A fingerprint check led to the true identities of the men. All three are being held at the Cumberland County Jail, where bail is set at $100,000.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Neighbors Dream of Reiche’s Future
By Jo Coyne

More than 60 participants gathered on Saturday, September 30, to dream and draw their vision for Reiche Community Center. Led by Alan Holt, of Holt and Lachman Architects / Designers, local residents, city and school officials and other stakeholders reviewed the history and mission of Portland’s various neighborhood centers before touring the Reiche facility.

Working in teams, participants brainstormed the center’s pluses and minuses. With support from professional architects and student facilitators from the Muskie School of Public Service, each team then developed a wish list for Reiche. Drawing on maps of the existing center, participants created sketches and diagrams of their team’s vision for the center. Strategies for implementing proposed changes were listed and then posted along with the sketches and other materials that had been created onto oversize pieces of foam core.

Participants chatted over a continental breakfast and a working lunch and energy levels were high. Enthusiasm for the day’s work was apparent as teams gathered together during the final hour to share their results. Striking similarities emerged. All teams envisioned welcoming and commanding entrances, an elevator to replace existing ramps, a glass atrium and a roof garden. A desire for green, energy-efficient development was expressed by all, along with expanded aquatic, library and health services. Teams enlarged the overall space in a variety of ways, creating unique program areas.

Attendees and many neighborhood residents unable to attend the workshop can see a formal presentation of Community Design Workshop outcomes. The report will be given at the November 8 meeting of the West End Neighborhood Association (WENA), 6:30 p.m., at Reiche Community Center.
Construction Crews Run into the Unexpected

The construction crews at the Maine Medical Center site have run into unexpected problems in digging up parts of Congress Street. There are still trolley tracks under the street, and a lot of underground lines. Congress Street from Bramhall Street to Forest Street will be reduced to one lane for the remainder of the second week of October, and crews hoped to have it reopened to two-lane traffic by Friday the 13th.

Recycle Old Cell Phones & Ink Cartridges
Reminder: You can recycle old cell phones & ink cartridges at the Reiche Branch Library. WENA gets a redemption fee for all recycled items.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

State Liquor Board to Hear Ice House License Appeal

Members of the State’s Liquor Control Board will hear an appeal by owners of the Ice House Tavern on York Street at a meeting at Portland City Hall on October 19th. The Portland City Council voted unanimously on August 21st (6-0, three Councilors absent) not to renew the liquor license of the local bar.

Portland police recommended the license denial, despite praise they gave the bar earlier this summer.

Several neighbors spoke at the August 21st Council meeting, complaining about a number of issues. Owners of the bar say they are being penalized for their increased cooperation with the Portland Police Department.

In a written public statement, the owners made a point-by-point defense of the charges made at the August 21st meeting, including an emphatic denial that any liquor was served to an intoxicated man who had come into the bar after a day of drinking elsewhere. They also disputed West End City Councilor Karen Geraghty’s assertion that there were a high number of calls to police because of incidents at the bar, saying that there have been no arrests there at all. They also offered to show videos from their security cameras of any incident in question in an effort to retain their license.

Portland police officials had previously praised the operators of the bar for proactive measures the bar had taken to address public safety concerns related to the operation of the neighborhood pub.

In a May 4th letter to Ice House owner Jeffrey Orne, Police Lieutenant Janine L. Roberts, who headed the Department’s Tactical Enforcement Unit, commended the staff for filing Criminal Trespass papers against patrons causing a disturbance at the bar. She also praised Ice House employees for providing a video surveillance tape to police investigators, helping them in charging the offending patron.

The Ice House remains open.

Babin Campaign Cleared of Ethics Charges

Republican State Senate candidate David Babin has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the state’s Ethics Commission. Campaign advertising in the West End NEWS and other local newspapers had become the target of an ethics commission complaint filed against Babin in August. The complaint, filed by a Portland voter, say that advertisements Babin placed in The West End NEWS promoting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights were in violation of Maine’s Clean Election law.

The advertisements feature Babin’s "not just another pretty face" picture with information on why he is supporting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

The formal complaint was filed by William D. Dobrowolski, who described himself as an independent, but who served as Senator Ethan Strimling's deputy campaign treasurer during Strimling’s 2002 run for the seat. Dobrowolski said he filed the complaint because he believes in the Ethics Commission and in the Clean Elections system. He said he has not been active politically for years after severing political affiliations when attempting to be appointed to the Ethics Commission himself.

Dobrowolski sent copies of all six Babin ads that appeared in the last two issues of the West End NEWS to Ethics Commission Executive Director Jonathan Wayne, specifically referring to the ad in which Babin expresses support for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). Dobrowolski told the Commission that there is nothing in the ads that promote Babin’s run for the senate seat, despite Babin’s picture appearing in the ad, along with the phrase ‘Babin - State Senate.’
In his complaint, Dobrowolski referred to the Clean Election Guidelines which say that “Maine Clean Election Act funds may not be spent to: …make independent expenditures supporting or opposing any candidate, ballot measure, or political committee.”

In a September 25th reply to Dombrowolski, Wayne said that the members of the Commission concluded that Babin’s ads were acceptable uses of Clean Elections funds and that they would take no further action on the issue.

A Republican Party official said that it was confirmed with the Ethics Commission before the primary that it was legal for Babin to endorse the Taxpayer Bill of Rights in the advertisements.

Paul Lavin, Assistant Director of the Ethics Commission staff, said that the newspaper’s only obligation in the matter was to include the attribution statement in each ad. All of the ads in question are properly attributed to Babin.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The League Announces 2006 Endorsed Candidates
Members vote for a combination of experience and youth.

The League’s 2006 Endorsed Candidates have been announced in Portland. All the candidates share the common trait of voting NO on 1/TABOR, according to Justin Alfond, Maine State Director. In addition the candidates are considered by the League to be supportive of issues young people care about - like ecological sustainability, affordable and efficient housing, cultivating a creative economy, sustainable transportation options, living wages and universal health care.

The League’s local and statewide endorsed candidates include the following:
John Eder (Green Independent – District 118),
Herb Adams (Democrat – District 119),
(No endorsement - District 120),
Ethan Strimling (Democrat – Senate 8),
John Baldacci (Democrat – Governor),
Tom Allen (Democrat – US Congress),
Jean Hay-Bright (Democrat – US Senate).

The League’s Citywide endorsed candidates are as follows:
Kevin Donoghue (City Council – District 1).
Mavourneen Thompson (School Committee – District 1).
Dave Marshall (City Council , District 2)
Stephen Spring (School Committee – District 2),
Nick Mavodones (City Council At-Large)
Sarah Thompson (School Committee At-Large)

Referendum endorsements:
Question Number 1: No on TABOR
Question Number 2: No recommendation
LaMarche Proposes State House Day Care

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Pat LaMarche announced on October 5th her plan to provide daycare at the state capital to encourage women to run for the legislature. More than half the people in Maine are women, according to the LaMarche campaign, yet many younger women with children are effectively shut out of running for higher office because they do not have available daycare.

“This year there are more women running for office than ever before,” stated LaMarche. “We need to encourage a family-friendly and family-compatible atmosphere at the statehouse.”

The idea was born earlier in the week when LaMarche met a young woman who said she was interested in running for the legislature. The woman lamented that with a four-year-old daughter, the time and distance would be too great a sacrifice for her to serve during her child’s formative years.

LaMarche pointed out that many progressive businesses offer on-site day care for the children of their employees. The legislature, she said, should do the same thing. She announced her proposal at the Women’s Policy Center “Breakfast of Champions” candidates’ forum in Portland. Her remarks drew enthusiastic applause from the audience and from the other candidates—including the incumbent.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Explosions Rock the West End.
Residents in the area of Brackett and Houlton Streets in the West End were awakened by two loud explosions just before 5AM on October 12th. According to a Central Maine Power employee, a tree in front of 228 Brackett Street, buffeted by 40-mile-an-hour winds, caused two power lines to come into contact with each other, causing an overload. Neighbors reported seeing bright blue, green, and yellow flashes and one resident said that he thought his entire side yard was on fire. Portland police and firefighters arrived quickly on the scene, which was strewn with downed power lines.

A storm which brought nearly four inches of rain to the city was still pelting the area, along with thunder and lightning, which some residents initially feared was more exploding power lines. Central Maine power crews repaired the damage-and cut down most of the tree-and power was restored by 8AM. However, at about 9AM, the power pole that had been the source of the explosions was on fire. The fire department was called again, but before they arrived, there were more explosions, flames, and bright flashes and sparks. CMP repair crews returned to the scene, and once again made repairs, restoring power to the surrounding area before noon.

In total, about 3800 power users in the greater Portland area were reported to be without power during the storm, many in the West End. Many traffic signals in the city were also knocked out. There was also flooding reported on parts of Congress, State and High Streets, as well as manhole covers popping off. No injuries were reported.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The October 13th Issue of the West End NEWS is on the Street!

Homeless Beating Victim Dies of Injuries
Peter Vukelich, who was found severely beaten on October 3rd, died of his injuries on October 5th at Maine Medical Center. The man who was charged in the beating, Larry Suave, 49, has been charged with manslaughter. Both men were believed to be homeless.

Vukelich, 49, was found by a friend at a campsite by the railroad tracks near Park Avenue and Saint John Street, the area around Hadlock Field, on October 3, at 7:30A.M.. He was unconscious and was admitted to Maine Medical Center with severe head injuries.

Strimling Refuses to Apologize Publicly to Local ‘Pimp’

State Senator Ethan Strimling has refused to apologize to the West End NEWS, who his chief aide accused of ‘pimping’ for Strimling’s Republican rival David Babin.

In an email sent to the West End NEWS on September 13th, former Strimling campaign manager Corey Hascall, who is currently listed as ‘moderator’ of Fighting for Portland, Strimling’s campaign organization, and is also Vice Chair of the Portland Democratic City Committee, said:

"......I am sure that Ethan will stop telling people that you’re lying about him taking money from Bean’s for political favors when you stop telling people that he’s lying when he says that the reason you pimp so much for Babin is because he buys ads from your paper and Ethan doesn’t."

In an email to the newspaper on October 10th, Strimling called the incident “clearly a personal exchange between you and Corey. She said something that hurt you and hence I would encourage you to contact her directly.”

Strimling did not say whether or not he had been telling voters that the newspaper was pimping for Babin because he (Strimling) does not buy ads in the paper, as Hascall asserted in her email.

The issue arose after the West End NEWS learned that Strimling had told a local voter, in the course of campaigning, that the paper had been lying about him in connection to a recent controversy in which Strimling had been accused of successfully promoting legislation favorable to Maine retailer L.L. Bean, while opposing a tax break for a Bean competitor. (The story appeared in the September 3 issue of the Portland Press Herald, written by Edward D. Murphy. The West End NEWS did not publish any stories related to the issue.)

Babin has been running a series of controversial political ads in the West End NEWS and other local newspapers, critical of Democratic Party state policies, and supporting more conservative views such as stricter immigration policy. Babin has also been promoting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) in his advertising.

The West End NEWS issued its demand for an apology on its web blog, thewestendnews.blogspot.com on September 14th. It also issued the demand in the last issue of the newspaper on September 27th and in direct correspondence with Strimling.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Geraghty Proposes Bigger Fines for Negligent Landlords
West End City Councilor Karen Geraghty has proposed an amendment to the City ordinances that would impose fines on owners of rental properties for certain “significant" code violations, including:

- unsanitary conditions such as vermin infestation;
-overcrowded conditions; major structural damage;
-blocked ingress and egress;
-damaged smoke or fire protection equipment;
-faulty plumbing or electrical systems; or the intentional denial of heat or electricity.

Under the current ordinance, all housing code violations are subject to a $100 minimum penalty, which is assessed only after the landlord fails to correct the problem. Under the proposed amendment, an immediate minimum $200 penalty could be assessed if the owner knew of the problem or should have known about it and failed to address it.

If the owner still fails to fix the problem after notice by the City, the minimum fines goes up to $500 per day. After a second notice, the minimum fine is $1,500 per day. The measure would replace the multifamily housing inspections program that the Council discussed but did not approve in September.

Geraghty is the Chair of the City Council’s Housing Committee, which reviewed and approved the proposed amendment.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Salvation Army’s Leg-Up Program Gets Award
The Salvation Army’s Leg-Up Program has won the 2006 Chaplaincy Offender Program Award given by the American Correctional Chaplains Association This is the highest award given by the ACCA, as there are over 1000 eligible prison programs from throughout the country.

Since 2000, the Leg-Up Program has provided mentoring to incarcerated youth and at-risk youth at Sweetser in Saco, Life Skills programming to hundreds of incarcerated youth, and aftercare mentoring for youth who have been released from Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland. The current rate of recidivism for the Leg-Up participants is about 20 percent. For all prisoners in Maine, including adults, the rate is 87 percent.

Over the years, the Leg-Up Program has served hundreds of youth involved in the juvenile justice system in southern Maine. This year, Leg-Up is planning to begin the Surrogate Parent’s Initiative and the Kids With Kids Initiative, when funding is received. The Salvation Army is the world’s largest nonprofit charity organization.

Portland West, Portland Parks and Rec, and West End Community Policing would like to thank the following companies for their generous donation and support to our "Pizza and A Movie" night. We couldn't have done it without you!!!
Anthony's Italian Kitchen
Bill's Pizza, Papa John's
Portland Pie Company
Reiche Community Center
Ricetta's Brick Oven Pizzeria
Supreme Pizza, Vespucci's
Tally's Wholesale Company
Special thanks to Glenda, Andrew, Leon, Tim, Jeffrey and Renee for all of their hard work!
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